Water Damage


Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration Services

Michigan, let us help your water damage recovery resulting from:

  • Flash Floods and Storms
  • Broken Water Pipes and Appliance Malfunctions
  • Sewage Backups
  • Flooded & Leaky Basements
  • Sump Pump Failure

Family playing board gameWater damage comes in many forms and can affect a small portion of a room, the basement, or the entire building. If you experience any type of flooding in your residence or commercial property, Aladdin’s Cleaning & Restoration is ready to restore and repair the water damage and eliminate the negative affect it has on your structure and the contents – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The water damage specialists at Aladdin’s will help ease your mind by minimizing the loss with proper damage evaluation and drying techniques.

Aladdin’s drying techniques and immediate response to your water damage decreases the chance of mold and mildew growth in your home and basement. Mold and mildew in your home and basement can lead to health problems and structural damage. Call Aladdins when you have flooding and water damage in Lapeer, MI and its surrounding areas.

Aladdin’s Water Damage Restoration service includes:

  • 24 hour emergency water damage response
  • Water Extraction Services
  • Structural Drying and Restoration
  • Large Loss Capabilities
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Damage and Loss Documentation
  • Drying  Equipment Rental

Aladdin’s Nationally Certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians use specialized monitoring equipment during the water removal process to maximize effectiveness and minimize drying time. Recognized and preferred by many insurance carriers, Aladdin’s is always ready for your flood damage and water restoration needs in Lapeer, MI and its surrounding areas.

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