Mold Remediation


Mold Remediation

Mold & Mildew Removal and Remediation Service

Michigan, mold & mildew should not be ignored!

Mold is ubiquitous, meaning it is everywhere. But too much mold indoors or the wrong kinds can lead to serious health problems. The existence of indoor mold can also have a negative affect on the value and resale efforts of your home.

Aladdin’s Cleaning & Restoration adheres to industry standards for mold and mildew removal and clean up to help bring your home back to safe and normal.

Aladdin’s mold remediation process involves a series of steps to properly evaluate, clean up and remove the contamination.

1. Eliminate the Moisture That Causes Mold and Mildew

Mold spores are all around us and need an organic food source and MOISTURE to begin to reproduce. It is not possible to eliminate the organic food source since it can be wood, cardboard, paper, even dust that contains hair follicles, bits of skin, etc.


However, moisture is the ingredient that can be eliminated to prevent further mold growth. From a leaky basement, a water loss event, or just high humidity; excessive moisture must be present for active mold growth. This moisture needs to be identified, removed, and the source corrected.

Aladdin’s can help! With infra-red technology, moisture meters and the training, education and experience of an industry leader, we can help find and recommend ways of correcting your moisture problems and stop mold growth in Lapeer, Michigan and its surrounding areas.

2. Third Party Mold Detection Testing

Visible mold growth is not the only concern when there is mold damage. The clusters of mold give off spores that spread with the air currents. It is these spores that may contain Allergens and Micotoxins. Certain types and/or large quantities of mold spores can spread throughout the structure without any visible detection. Capturing, controlling and reducing these mold spores is a very large part of the mold remediation process.

It is very important to have a Qualified Indoor Air Hygienist or inspector test to determine levels and spread of the mold spores prior to beginning the mold removal project. Aladdin’s believes it is best to use an independent third party and thus having a qualified and impartial analysis of the mold contamination.

3. Mold Containment

Once the contaminated zones or areas are identified it is very important to properly contain these areas during the mold remediation process. Aladdin’s will place these zones under negative pressure and at the same time process the air within the zone thru a HEPA filtration system.

4. Physical Mold and Mildew Removal

After proper containment is in place Aladdin’s Cleaning and Restoration can start the physical removal of visible mold growth. This usually requires the removal of contaminated materials, however, some materials can have mold removed thru aggressive techniques such as medial blasting.

5. Mold Area Cleanup

This very detailed process is performed after all visible mold growth is removed. The level of cleaning is dependent upon the impact of spores. Areas with heavy mold growth and high spore counts may have every square inch gone thru a very intense process that often includes air washing, HEPA vacuuming and wet wiping as well as being properly treated with an anti-microbial and/or disinfectant.

6. Post Procedure Testing.

To insure the mold removal process is a success, Aladdin’s highly recommends testing again, once the remediation is finished. Again, this should be performed by an independent third party.

7. Repairs/Reconstruction of Damaged Area

At your request, Aladdin’s can continue with the reconstruction or repairs to put you back together.

Aladdin’s Mold Treatment Includes:

  • Trained, certified, experienced mold removal technicians
  • Mold containment services
  • Thermo Imagining / Moisture detection
  • Soda Blasting
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Proper Mold Remediation Clean Up

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